Sunday, July 26, 2009

Peace of Mind

I haven't written for a while. Maybe it's because I've been busy writing for my internship. Maybe it's because I've been too busy updating my twitter with the daily happenings of my life. Truth be told I'm just trying to find peace of mind. This summer has been incredibly exhilarating yet altogether enlightening. To experience it and then write about it is hard. Not because it's laborious but because it causes me to really process the stories I have heard.

I have a habit of feeling for the people I write about. Carrying them with me if you will. I have seen so much this summer, a lot of it sad. People without health care. Children abandoned. Homeless people who thought it would never be them. I'm not at the point where I can write without emotional attachment. Maybe I never want to be.

The best journalists, I think, bring people from their last pieces to their next stories. I wrote about a woman who hasn't been to a primary care doctor for the last twenty years, ( and children who cope without fathers ( I saw the connection in the struggle of the two. They may never know each other but they are both making it and I'm proud to say I told their stories.

Here's my summer so far:

Several stories, a couple of videos, and work on done directly from my iPhone.

I hope it makes my mom proud.