Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What I Miss

So I'm back in the United States and I'm going to try not to be too emotional. I'll just list the things about Botswana and my life there that I miss.

  1. The friendships I made including Eddy, Rudo, Clive and Sarah
  2. Master chef sessions on the couch with Sarah
  3. Being brave enough to think about writing as a life style
  4. Not comparing myself to what Georgetown says is success
  5. Asking myself hard questions
  6. Trying to get off the combi and saying "Ema mo stopo" all wrong
  7. Eddy's mom's home cooking
  8. Teaching students and learning so much from my students
  9. Pie City's Chicken Peri Peri Pie.... Mmmm
  10. Rooibos tea-- Why didn't I take some with me?
  11. Screaming into skype with my mom because the connection was so bad
  12. Dry weather
  13. Zebras soccer
  14. The Poetry: at UB Writer's Workshop, at Kwest, with Exodus, and with friends
  15. Being myself with friends who I could take the time to hang out with
  16. The calmness of it all
  17. People never understanding what I said because I speak too quickly and the look on their faces when I repeated and they still didn't understand
  18. The moments when my friends and I would have to stop our conversation to explain to one another what one word meant to me versus to them
  19. Mogul's Indian Food (and later delivery!)
  20. The hilariousness and frustration of talking to people and not getting a response
  21. The time to think and learn
  22. The slow pace, and the appreciation for quality of life
  23. The classes and students who thought of the world in a way American students don't
  24. And maybe pretending to be Siamese twins . . .

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