Sunday, June 22, 2008

DRAMA (Latest as of June 22)

I moved out of my old house where I lived with boys. Mostly because the house wasn’t the nicest thing. Like the room and living room was great (nicer than Gtown actually—or at least Harbin) BUT the bathroom, and kitchen were a no no. And my mom is coming for a month on July 5
th (she’s flying to France, then Senegal then Botswana). I’m going to meet her in Senegal and spend a week there then we’re both coming back here but my mom would have killed me for making her stay with men… I can picture my mother acting up in that house. They would have kicked us out. I moved to this really NICE house with real furniture, a TV, internet, washer and dryer, DVD player, just mad stuff that I forgot existed. I hadn’t watched TV in 6 months and then boom TV, reality TV at that!!

Next, The job: I have two. I wake up at 5:30 a.m. and go teach HIV/AIDS awareness as a counselor to these students in high school. School starts at 6:45 a.m. Then I go to the newspaper at 4 p.m. and work there until about 9 or 11 p.m. It’s pretty hectic. I hope I can explain how important this summer was to me because I love doing both jobs and I really love working with the kids. I counseled a girl yesterday about having high self esteem and I actually felt like I walked into my purpose which felt great. Also when I’m in class sometimes I just feel like I know I’m doing something right. As for the paper, I am writing a column today about race and on Friday I got a two page spread of an article I did published which is great!

On Fun: I am having fun. Like I really can do this, I can live by myself in a foreign country and not cry everyday. Even though sometimes I miss my friends, AKA, Georgetown, my mom, my family, and many other things (like Chiptole, tomato soup, Haitian food, good candy, and the list goes on…).

DRAMA: So I have a definite stalker.
This bar tender at my favorite restaurant here likes me and wouldn’t leave me alone until I gave him my number. So I gave him my number and refused to answer when he called. Then he kept calling and my male friend was around and I confessed the stalking issue. So my friend picked up the phone and let him know not to call anymore. His response: I think she’s the one. She makes me look forward to tomorrow. CRAZY!!! So it gets worse. The next day, he (stalker) shows up to my job (I told him passing that I did a little work for this newspaper). He walks in and starts asking everyone if they know me and hands my supervisor flowers and this love letter/card. The card basically says he wants to get to know me and he doesn’t care if I am occupied with someone else. It continues on to say that he loves me and he hopes I can forgive him for calling at the wrong time. I texted him and said thanks but no thanks. Hopefully it works . . .

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